This blog is about expectation vs reality (I know what you’re thinking- “obviously…. it’s in the title”, but it’s not just about expectation vs reality in general; it’s about expectation vs reality o the topic of grades. I’m pretty sure that every student can relate when I tell you that each new semester, without fail, we think to ourselves “This semester, I’ll do whatever it takes to get a 4.0 on that report card, no matter how many hours of sleep I’ll have to lose.” That’s what we genuinely expect from ourselves… for about this first week into the semester when teachers really start giving the heavy work. Then, we start thinking to ourselves, “well… maybe letting this one assignment go won’t be a big deal.”… and it’s not until we do it about 5 more times in the class if we start getting really lazy- and spoiler alert we do. No matter how many times we claim we won’t, we always, always do. The expectation here is that we’ll keep the A we start off with in the class, but the harsh reality is, we don’t want to keep up with the work. Some do end up with an A, most don’t, but one thing is for sure: the effort difference between a 70% in the class and a 95% is a huge difference, but they’re both passing grades, so perhaps that is why we settle so much. At the end of the semester when many students get our report cards and they have 3.0’s instead of 4.0s like we told ourselves we would get 4 months ago, the sometimes painful reality sets in that our expectations aren’t always our reality- and most of the time, they aren’t. triangle