IMG_1054.PNGThe quote that caught my eye in an article i just read about childrens books was this: “What exactly is so powerful about something so simple you don’t even need a highschool diploma in order to do…” and to me, this quote taken out of context means that creating a childrens book is so simple- perhaps one of the most simple forms of literature to create- and yet it leaves such a big impression on many children and therefor growing teenagers, and then adults. Books that help shape our childhood are not ones we easily forget. They bring back pleasant home and family memories and bring us back to simpler times when our parents had to help us sound out words like “horse” or “color”. What astonishes me is how much of an impact and lasting impression these books have on so many kids and teenagers, yet the authors of them are just creating simple, often kindergarten level and below, books. It is amazing to think about the fact that so many authors try to reach out to readers and make a lasting impression with their words- their 1,000 page, complicated novels- but most of the time we don’t remember what it was even about a year or so later. Ten years after my mom sat on the couch with me and read these childhood books aloud to me, i still remember them almost word for word. Sometimes it really is the simple things that our hearts grab hold of. One book I think people should continue to read to their kids is “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” by Laura Numeroff. This book teaches kids that when they are not just grateful and happy with what they have, it is always best to remember how blessed they have it- and refrain from asking for more, more, more as we often hear kids do as they are learning the values of gratefulness and working toward stepping away from selfishness. This book teaches a great lesson in a simple, cute story that kids will continue to remember.